artists impression of the cdsea at night

The catalyst for ‘CD Sea’ was living in Australia, where eight years of exposure to the Antipodean sun and its dazzling reflections left a lasting impression on Munro.

‘CD Sea’ came one Sunday afternoon on a rocky peninsular at Nielsen Park, one of the most beautiful Sydney harbour beaches, which had become a meditative spot for Munro. "The light was still strong, like a blanket of shimmering silver light. I had this childish notion that by putting my hand in the sea I was somehow connected to my home in Salcombe, where my father lived."

" I came away from the beach in a very positive frame of mind, at one with the world" he says. It was the first time he was aware that the "play of light" had transformed his mood and he was astonished that something so familiar had the power to alter his emotional state.

"CD Sea" will simply be a reconstruction of this turning point in Munro's life. He hopes to pass on this good experience to other people.